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Aging Slow Down By a Treatment – Trials on Fruit Flies

In the latest trials some researchers are finding to slow down the aging process by trying the treatment on Fruit flies who live very less as compare to other living things.

Yes, it is proved in one of the research that fruit flies can live longer with the combination of medicine treatment. It’s a tripe medicinal combination used to prolong the lifespan of flies by 48%. This study was led by UCL and the Max Planck Institute of Biology of Ageing by using Lithium, Trametinib and Rapamycin as a three medicinal combination treatment. Those three of the medicines are already in use for some of the other medical treatment like Lithium as a temper stabiliser, Trametinib as a malignant cells (cancer) treatment and Rapamycin as an immune system controller.

This was also published in the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) who suggest that this treatment may one day come in great help. This means they are assured about the truth that it can prevent human being from age related issues. Age related disease now will be easily treated.

As per the daily life schedule, all people are struggling to fulfill all their expectation and so have less focus on health. At the end, they find themselves as weak and aged apparently. We are widely seeing the age related health problems or disease increasing day by day. Hence so there is a need for such sort of treatment in urgent. As per the Dr. Jorge Castillo-Quan, we need to find way to improve health in old age.

Therefore the study is firstly made on fruit flies named Drosophila that have less lifespan as compare any other species. The combination treatment focuses on different cellular processes that can prove to be effective on anti-aging solution. The researchers are finding that this combination medicines also be effective on mice, worms and cells. And also it is observed beneficial on people.

The three drugs all act on different cellular signing lanes that composed from the nutrient identifying network, which is preserved through progression in worms and flies all the way to humans. This network corrects the body response to change in nutrient stage. The research was made slowly likewise first in individual medicine treatment which gave 10% – 11% of results. Later on, the dual combination treatment which gave 30% of the outcomes and in last three combinations succeeded in great level.

All these are going studies which are yet to be sanctioned. Until now we can just assume that within few years or two we will get the best findings in hand.