Infection during Pregnancy Can Block Fetal Brain Development

In the recent research, a pregnant woman with infection can block the fetus brain development system.

In overall pregnancy, mother’s health is most important to develop a fetus brain. Many elements plays an important role to develop a healthy brain of a baby likes nutrition, stress, hormonal balance, and the mother’s immune system.

In most research it is seemed that both humans and animals that have severe infections in the pregnant are at risk of developing psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

In this new research which have done on mice shows that these infections can cause impaired development of stem cells and precursor cells to neuronal cells in the baby’s brain. As per the Konstantin Khodosevich, associate professor in the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) at the University of Copenhagen, this is the first ever research on the infectious mother during pregnancy can affect baby’s brain development and lead to cognitive disorder.

The study was made on mice particularly on neurons. The mother mice’s immune response to the infection effects on the stem cells and precursor cells to neuronal cells primary to intense interruption in the development of brain.

The growth of cortical GABAergic  interneurons that’s the vital neuronal class that delivers inhibition in the brain—was reduced. The result was instant and dropped to histrionic lifelong damages, thus ensuing in numerous “smashes” during the course of neuronal development—from the time neurons are congenital to the time they developed.

Besides, the examiners concluded that the new-born mice have some social interaction problems along with cognitive disorders. It is not always possible to work or study on human body during pregnancy and so they have to study first on mice and come to the conclusion so as to make the study on human body later.

The study was made on different times and different stages of infection of pregnancy. This was the chief discoveries of the study. Infections at dissimilar times affected or altered precursor cells, and also neurons. This means that the timing of infection is important that can lead to fluctuating results based on which stage of brain development is inflated.

More such new studies are on the urge to make. But the final conclusion is that pregnant women or any animal should be taken a good care of thus to make their fetus develop properly including their brain which is the most important part of the body.